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Crossing Borders


Since its inception in October 2010, 270 people have registered with the project, from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, France,Germany, Italy, Spain, Romania, Lithuania, Pakistan and the UK. Our aim is a better quality of life for migrants and for all of us, improving integration through enhanced language skills, and connecting people within the local community. Crossing Borders also acts as a signpost service to all community, council and public organisations and services.

Background to the Project

Around 2008 it was noticed by local tutors that there was great demand from within the migrant community to learn English and to access assistance with other practical matters pertinent to settling in the UK, covering a wide range of concerns finances, housing employment, etc. Crossing Borders started in October 2010 as part of the Hipshire Community Network, overssen by their Trustees, and then was formed and registered as an individual SCIO in September 2014. It exists to benefit both the settled and, in particular, the migrant communities in the Highland Perthshire area.

Charitable Purposes

HPCB has clearly defined charitable purposes: (to advance education, citizenship, community development, human rights; to promote racial harmony, equality and diversity; and to implement relief of those in need). It meets these purposes with practical, flexible and easily accessible community services for individuals and families of any natioanality, age or background.